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Owners and Breeders of French Water Dogs in North Wales

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Barbamor Barbet Life


We live on the coast of North Wales and our dogs are very much part of our family. They share our house, come to work with us and share our leisure time and are never more contented than when they have you in their sights.
We currently have 2 Barbet ( pronounced Bar-bay ) , also known as French Water Dogs and both dogs are excelling in their training for obedience and scentwork.
A lively, rustic gundog you will always have mud and foliage wherever there is a Barbet - there is nothing more affectionate than a wet dog !

Awelymor Miele at Barbamor


Olive is the first gundog girl to enter our home !
She came from South Wales and was bred by the late Karen Surrall of Awelymor affix.
Olive is a sweet natured girl who is very in tune with her humans, she is equally happy to lounge in the sun or take on a Snowdonia hill walk in the snow.
She attends regular dog training classes and has passed her Bronze KC Good Citizen award.
Blessed with a natural hunting ability she excels in scentwork and mantrailing
Olive is fully health tested
Hips and Elbows Scored     Eyes Clear
DNA tested by EMBARK

Wookieebev A New Hope Han Solo at Barbamor

Bruin is our youngster who was imported from Croatia and bred by our good friends at Wookieebev.
He is showing a real flair for scent work and has just passed his Silver KC Good Citizen award.  
He is a total goon, a poser and a charmer and a handsome clown. He regularly attends events as a breed ambassador and was a firm favourite at Crufts ( see photo gallery ! )
He will hopefully be entering the show ring in the near future

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