Puppies have arrived !!


Olive has given birth to 7 beautiful puppies

On Monday 24th June 2019 Olive gave birth to 7 gorgeous black baby Barbet.
She is a wonderful mum to 4 boys and 3 girls and all are happy, healthy and thriving on the experience.
More photos to follow...........


Puppies occasionally available to loving forever hones

Contact us if you are interested in a Barbet becoming part of your family or to discuss the breed in general as we are always happy to give advice and information where possible.

Novaforesta New Start 
Charlie is the sire to Olives first litter & the first litter at Barbamor.

Sire to the first Barbamor litter

Novaforesta New Start sires his first litter.

Charlie is the sire to the first litter of Barbet here at Barbamor and we are incredibly proud to welcome his first puppies into the world.
Charlie was chosen for his outstanding temperament and because he is fully health tested and DNA tested and importantly to us he is wonderful ambassador for the breed.

Puppies Are Growing


Getting Bigger

The 4 x boys and 3 x girls are growing like weeds !
A constant source of joy and amusement as they find their feet in the world


Enrichment Time

Life is a circle of food, play and sleep and we are ensuring their lives are full of enrichment.
This means lots of toys, experiences and enough stimulation to prepare them for their exciting new lives ahead.

Life is all about experiences at the minute and helping them grow into confident, happy dogs.

Life Experiences

Life is all about experiences at the moment that will help them grow into confident happy dogs